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The Newbie Files

Nora Roberts 2013.jpg

The fairy godmother of the romance industry, Nora Roberts. 

Memories from 2014 ~ 2016

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Galaxy S2 Pics 300.jpg

My very first conference! With an all-time favorite and super sweet lady, Karen Rose. 

Galaxy S2 Pics 329.jpg

Martin Biro from Kensington.

The first acquiring editor I ever met through Carolina Romance Writers. I got a full request, but chickened out and never sent it. 

Galaxy S2 Pics 322.jpg

Acquiring editors from Harlequin Love Inspired,

Emily and Tina. 

The Stephen King of Christian Fiction, Frank Peretti, at an ACFW conference.  

Galaxy S2 Pics 075.jpg

Not a book signing, but still really cool! Meeting Dan Aykroyd at Dougal McFruggle's in South Carolina. 

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