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From the B to the V

Ready, Set... Action!

Good morning, everyone!

I just wanted a to give you a quick update about some changes that are in the making. Nothing major! It's just that I started thinking about my own life and how terribly busy it is. Children, housework, playing wifey and writing (just to name a few hats I wear). It can get exhausting--not to mention time consuming! It's hard enough to find five minutes to sit down and enjoy a good book. So, who has time to read a blog?

That's why you'll find that I've renamed the "Blog" tab on the website menu. Now, it's called "From the B to the V." It's just my way of letting you know that I'll be moving from blogs to video instead. Oh, I'll probably type up the blog every now and then (for example, when I need to provide more details to something I may have discussed in one of the videos). However, I think vids will work much better overall. I figured that out while driving one day--that I could put on YouTube and simply LISTEN to the information being shared on my surround sound. So, now my eyes can be trained on the task at hand (driving, washing dishes, changing a diaper, etc.) but I can still audibly ingest what I need in order to stay in the know. Maybe there's another reader out there in the same situation as myself--someone who feels like an octopus managing a myriad of tasks--and they need a break!

Anyway. That's my hope with creating these videos. If the audience wishes to watch them, then they can. If they're too busy, then there's another option. So, check out my video (coming this Monday) and let me know which form is preferred. Blog or vlog?

Until later...

Blessings from Yours Truly,

Mimi Milan

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